Social Networking for MLM – Quick Tips to Meeting More People and Making More Money

Whether you’re new to MLM & network marketing, or an experienced pro, one thing you should know by now is that online social networks are great tools for growing your business, and you need to have more than just a toe in the water. A great deal of business these days is done through interaction with people of similar interests, so if you don’t have a social network for your MLM business, take this great advice and start one now. But before you subconsciously leap to Facebook or Linked In to promote your MLM business, keep in mind that you do have other great options.

Newsflash – there’s more to online social networking than Facebook and LinkedIn. It’s human nature to migrate towards what appears to be the biggest and best of everything. But smart businesspeople know that much of success is discovered not by adhering to human nature, but by identifying the less obvious gold mines and taking advantage of them. This concept applies well to social networking for MLM.

In regards to promoting MLM, network marketing, and other small business opportunities, some sites cover a wide range of topics while other sites are exclusive. For example, Facebook and LinkedIn have several internal groups related to MLM, but their groups also cover thousands of other topics. In comparison, some sites are MLM exclusive. It’s ok to also have MLM social networks on the bigger sites, but with smaller, more targeted sites, you can be a big fish in small pond.

Regardless of the online communities you use, try to avoid being self-centered. Add value to the site in the form of tips, advice, and positive participation. You’re not there just to pound other people with your opportunity without a care in the world for their challenges, issues, and ideas. Just remember these two words – be helpful.

Another great thing about online communities for MLM is the buffer they put between the masses and a person lacking comfort when it comes to face to face interaction. Not everyone is comfortable getting out there to work the crowd at networking events and conventions. While face to face interaction will always have its place, online MLM networking is acceptable, effective, popular, and cheap.

The bottom line is to join exclusive MLM social networks instead of, or in addition to Facebook and LinkedIn. Once you’re settled into your social network, go out of your way to help others, and the karma will eventually come back to you.

Source by Lee R Williams

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