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subnetting is simple

subnetting is simple

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Class B ID – Subnetting
Subnetting a subnet
VLSM subnetting – CompTIA Network + Simulation Question & Solution
VLSM Subnetting – subnetting a subnet

A subnet is a logical subdivision of an IP network. The process of dividing a network into two or more networks is called subnetting. In this video, I will use an example to demonstrate a simple way of subnetting.

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Example used in the video:

One day your supervisor walks to you, saying: “here is the network ID, please create three separate networks or subnets for a coffee shop: Sunny Cafe.” The three separate subnets/networks are: One is for the office, one for the front desk and storage room, and one is for public use.

Your task is to list each subnet network ID, subnet mask, Host ID Range, # of usable host IDs, and Broadcast ID. One last question: How many subnets are wasted after subnetting?

Subnetting Practice

With the same network ID:, you are required to get 6 subnets. List each of new network ID, subnet mask, host ID range, # of usable hosts, and broadcast ID. One last question: how many subnets are wasted after subnetting?

Answer for your reference:

We will have 8 subnets. subnet mask is /27 for all 8 subnets. The number of usable host IDs is 30 for all 8 subnets. I list below 8 subnets’ network ID,host ID range, and broadcast ID in the order.
#4:, 126,
#5:, 158,
#6: , 190,
#7:, 222,
#8:, 254,



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