Home Programming The Complete MATLAB Course: Beginner to Advanced!

The Complete MATLAB Course: Beginner to Advanced!

The Complete MATLAB Course: Beginner to Advanced!

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Time Stamps
00:00 What is Matlab, how to download Matlab, and where to find help
07:52 Introduction to the Matlab basic syntax, command window, and working directory
18:35 Basic matrix arithmetic in Matlab including an overview of different operators
27:30 Learn the built in functions and constants and how to write your own functions
42:20 Solving linear equations using Matlab
53:33 For loops, while loops, and if statements
1:09:15 Exploring different types of data
1:20:27 Plotting data using the Fibonacci Sequence
1:30:45 Plots useful for data analysis
1:38:49 How to load and save data
1:46:46 Subplots, 3D plots, and labeling plots
1:55:35 Sound is a wave of air particles
2:05:33 Reversing a signal
2:12:57 The Fourier transform lets you view the frequency components of a signal
2:27:25 Fourier transform of a sine wave
2:35:14 Applying a low-pass filter to an audio stream
2:43:50 To store images in a computer you must sample the resolution
2:50:13 Basic image manipulation including how to flip images
2:57:29 Convolution allows you to blur an image
3:02:51 A Gaussian filter allows you reduce image noise and detail
3:08:55 Blur and edge detection using the Gaussian filter
3:16:39 Introduction to Matlab & probability
3:19:47 Measuring probability
3:26:53 Generating random values
3:35:40 Birthday paradox
3:43:25 Continuous variables
3:48:00 Mean and variance
3:55:24 Gaussian (normal) distribution
4:03:21 Test for normality
4:10:32 2 sample tests
4:16:28 Multivariate Gaussian

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