15 thoughts on “The Easiest way to Learn to play the guitar”
  1. My advice is to learn the open chords first do something like Redemption Song or Knocking on Heavens Door, then progress to beatles songs alot of them have mostly open chords but a barre here and there so its seamless
    make sure your guitar isnt bent and in tune
    it still takes years to learn an "approach" no gimmick its all practice

  2. Hahaha, Don't be stupid folks, I am a beginner guitar player, and i'll be the first to tell anyone, learning to play isn't easy, but it is rewarding, it's take patience and practice and commitment, this little guitar hero thing isn't gonna do what you think, wanna learn to play? Guitar Tricks is the best I've found so far for 20 bucks a month

  3. I backed this venture on Indiegogo (4/24/17), LAST YEAR!!! It took over an entire year to get my product. I sent many, many, MANY emails, finally got a shipment tracking number, then it was lost. I finally had to break my leg(unrelated incident) in order for them to feel sorry enough for me to send me the device. IT FINALLY ARRIVED Saturday the 12th of May, in the year of our lord, two thousand and eighteen!!!!! Sorry Fred, just had to let everyone know. This is just terrible customer service.

  4. From one Beginner to another: learning to play guitar is not about knowing where to place your fingers on the fret. It's about learning some very simple one finger, then two finger easy slightly modified chords that will allow you to play songs right a way. Search Busker guitar techniques. Learning just three chords allows you to play hundreds of chords. Being able to play songs, you will enjoy and play often. Eventually you fingers will adapt to the most comfortable position, memory muscle will develop as well as a good level of callous on your finger tips. As you enjoy playing, you can start challenging yourself to learn standard way of playing chords or learn more chords. What I have learned is that finger placement on the guitarfret is very similar,ar to ballet dancers on their tip toe. Good luck!

  5. It is a cheap imitation of the Fretlight Guitars that have leds under all strings on all 24 frets. The fretlight guitar is on the market for years and major software products like Guitar Pro work with it.

  6. I've seen the product up for sale on Mashable. In trying to get more information, I unfortunately came here. If this is your marketing for the product, it's kinda sad. I cannot take your product seriously.

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