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This Is How Much Money A Podcast With 50,000 Downloads Makes

This Is How Much Money A Podcast With 50,000 Downloads Makes

Today we are exploring the world of podcasting. Podcast monetization is a little different from YouTube, and this video will explain how podcast CPMs and networks function- as well as what equipment to use to get started.

Blue Yeti microphone: https://rstyle.me/cz-n/d6g7f3phye
Shure SM7B: https://rstyle.me/cz-n/d6g7kvphye

Check out the podcasts interviewed in this video! Listen on your preferred podcast app:
Thick & Thin by Katy Bellotte
Bitch Work by Jordyn Rebecca
Happy With Gretchen Geraghty

What Equipment I Use:
Camera: https://bit.ly/3eBtQGL
Adapter for lenses: https://bit.ly/2VI5fHC
Wide Lens: https://bit.ly/2VI5fHC
Main lens: https://bit.ly/2wQdrgn
Microphone: https://bit.ly/2RR9lvR
Vlog camera: https://bit.ly/3esTkWy

Podcasts have become extremely popular- with just about every celebrity, influencers and media company creating one. I’ve found that for the amount of time it takes to create a podcast, it can be very lucrative (much more than YouTube). With the same amount of views, you would make significantly more with a podcast. However, it’s much more difficult to gain a following on a podcast than on YouTube. You generally need to already have a following of people on a different platform- although it is possible to start one on its own and grow it through collaboration with other podcasts.

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