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Ubiquitous Computing and Interaction

Ubiquitous Computing and Interaction

The Ubiquitous Computing and Interaction research group focuses on those aspects of computer science that are part of our surroundings and our daily lives. Its research mission is to create new concepts and prototypes that shape our vision of how we as individuals and as society want to engage with information technology. The group works in four primary areas: 1) Virtual and Augmented Reality focusing on industrial applications, such as human-robot collaboration, remote assistance, and 3D Interaction; 2) interactive spaces, including Shape Changing Interfaces (SUI), Cross Device Interaction, and Proxemics; 3) Visual Analytics for Big Data, including health data from wearables, hospital logistics data, and data from a variety of other domains; 4) Computational Thinking to foster an understanding of modern technologies like Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence through Educational Learning Tools.

For more information about the exciting research from the Department, see cs.au.dk/research

Script: Hans-Jörg Schulz
Co-scriptwriters: Jens-Emil Grønbæk, Tiare Feuchtner, Marianne Graves Petersen, Kaj Grønbæk

Tiare Feuchtner
Jens-Emil Grønbæk
Kaj Grønbæk
Hans-Jörg Schulz
Marius Hogräfer
Zeinab Schaefer
Andreas Mathisen
João Marcelo Evangelista Belo
Karl-Emil Bilstrup
Rasmus Lunding Henriksen
Magnus Høholt Kaspersen
Marianne Graves Petersen

Production Team:
Sebastian Krog Knudsen



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