Home Systems Linux Ubuntu Server: Getting started with a Linux Server

Ubuntu Server: Getting started with a Linux Server

Ubuntu Server: Getting started with a Linux Server

00:00 Intro
01:01 Server Hardware
02:12 Physical Server (bare metal) vs. Virtual Machine (VM)
03:08 Software
04:42 Installing Ubuntu Server
12:14 The Linux Command Line
12:54 Security
13:37 Automatic Updates
18:21 Networking
19:40 Remote Access (local network)
21:37 Ubuntu Server… A Base to Build on
22:04 installing a GUI (Graphical User Interface)
24:29 Remote Login to Server Desktop (local network)
27:37 Cockpit
30:57 Adding a User Account
32:08 Adding Administrative Privileges
33:13 Switch Users
33:47 Becoming “root”
34:32 Listing User Accounts
34:49 Removing a User
35:16 Enable the “root” Account
35:59 Disable the “root” Account
36:19 Changing the Hostname
38:22 Tasksel
39:30 LAMP Stack
43:42 Adding a Drive
44:56 Partition the Drive
46:15 Format the Drive
47:01 Mount the Drive
48:26 Immutable Mount Point
49:31 UUID (Universally Unique Identifier)
50:06 Automatically Mount the Drive
51:21 Testing time!
52:11 File Permissions
53:21 User Access
55:51 File Sharing With Samba
56:32 Add a Samba User
57:06 Create a Samba Share
59:07 Accessing the Network Share From Windows
01:00:19 The Uncomplicated Firewall (ufw)
01:00:51 Firewall Rules
01:02:28 netstat (network statistics)
01:04:08 Monitoring Server Resources
01:06:51 Tip Time
01:08:16 The End

From creating network file shares to hosting websites (and so much more), Ubuntu Server is a solid base for setting up your projects.

Starting with the installation process, we’ll then configure the server. For those not comfortable in a purely command line environment, we’ll also look at installing a graphical desktop.

As well as setting up remote access and creating a network share with Samba, other topics will include adding users, file permissions, monitoring, and even installing a LAMP stack.

Whether on physical hardware, in a virtual machine, or even in the cloud, start your journey into Linux servers with Ubuntu Server.

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