Home Systems Windows Understanding Windows Applications: Day 1 What are Windows' Processes?

Understanding Windows Applications: Day 1 What are Windows' Processes?

Understanding Windows Applications:  Day 1 What are Windows' Processes?

We have updated these older classroom series check out the new videos each new video has video notes and slides for download:

Day 1 Troubleshooting Windows Applications: What is a process and What are threads? https://youtu.be/H1eN5kGJ5oc
Day 2: Troubleshooting Windows Applications. Types of Applications and Processes.
Day 3: Troubleshooting Windows Applications: Process States
Day 4: Process Explorer Metrics and Troubleshooting Windows Applications
Day 5: A Look at Microsoft Store Apps and Why we don’t Troubleshoot them!
Day 6: Linux GUI Applications are coming to Windows
Day 7: Understanding Application *.DLL files

A classroom lecture series. Taking you under the hood of Windows and understanding processes, scheduler, preemptive multitasking, threads, IPC and more. This is critical knowledge you need to understand applications and how to effectively troubleshoot Windows. Jump on board this 5 day series of lectures and learn Windows at a whole new level. Love to hear your comments.

Playlist for 4 recent videos covering much of the same topic’s material: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OXvGAAnu7FE&list=PLsoPy7S6vUtEoLeS-2vOoGkCPDE3JyhtA

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