Home Artificial Intelligence What is Artificial Intelligence? with Mike Wooldridge

What is Artificial Intelligence? with Mike Wooldridge

What is Artificial Intelligence? with Mike Wooldridge

Hear more from the 2023 CHRISTMAS LECTURER, Mike Wooldridge, as he explains what Artificial Intelligence is.

This year’s CHRISTMAS LECTURES are on the theme ‘The Truth About AI’ – find out more at https://www.rigb.org/christmas-lectures

Initiated by Michael Faraday when organised education for children was scarce, the CHRISTMAS LECTURES established an exciting new way of presenting science to young people. World-famous scientists have given the Lectures, including Nobel Prize winners William and Lawrence Bragg, Sir David Attenborough, Carl Sagan and Dame Nancy Rothwell.

First broadcast in 1936, the CHRISTMAS LECTURES is the oldest science television series. They have been broadcast every year since 1966 on the BBC and in later years on Channel Five, Channel Four and more4. In 2010, the Lectures returned to BBC Four, and this year will be broadcast on BBC FOUR and iPlayer from the 26th December. If you’re outside the UK, we’ll be uploading them to this channel in late December.

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