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What is Network Administration & Engineering?

What is Network Administration & Engineering?

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In this video, Jeremy Cioara covers a top-level introduction to the career path of network administration and engineering. If you’re considering network administration but you’re not quite sure what the job entails, this introductory video explains the technologies and approaches you can look forward to.

General wisdom says that netadmins are generally mid-level support staff in an organization and don’t get involved directly with users. That probably sounds pretty perfect for anyone who’s been working in IT for a while, but not suffering the headaches and frustrations users can cause isn’t really what the job’s about.

Watch to see how a netadmin takes the different users in a network, connects them all together with network devices, and then provides oversight for the network. That includes using VLANs to segment phones from servers, it takes establishing and enforcing security boundaries, and it means knowing access control lists. It can also call for making sure every corner of the building has wireless coverage, as well as making sure that Internet access is available to everyone who needs it, but — for security reasons — only when it’s asked for.

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