Home Cybersecurity What Is Network Security? | Introduction To Network Security | Network Security Tutorial|Simplilearn

What Is Network Security? | Introduction To Network Security | Network Security Tutorial|Simplilearn

What Is Network Security? | Introduction To Network Security | Network Security Tutorial|Simplilearn

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In this video on What is Network Security, we will give you a small introduction to network security and cover its working and types. We also take a look at the transport and application layer security protocols, and end the tutorial by learning about some key tools and benefits of network security, along with a small demonstration on nmap in this network security tutorial.

00:00 Introduction
01:17 What Is Network Security?
03:31 How Does Network Security Work?
05:06 Types of Network Security
06:47 Transport & Application Layer Security
08:11 Key Tools of Network Security
10:05 Benefits of Network Security
12:30 Live N-Map Demonstration

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The administration of network security may encompass a wide range of hardware and software security technologies. As networks get increasingly complicated and businesses rely more on their networks and data to operate, security becomes more crucial. The goal of security enforcement measures should be to avoid breaches by reducing risk on the network as networks and attack techniques develop. A mix of hardware and software network technologies are used to ensure network security. Network security’s main objective is to stop unwanted access to or communication within a network. This is frequently accomplished using network segmentation. The division of networks and the allocation of resources to those divisions are known as network segmentation.

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