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What is NLP (Natural Language Processing)?

What is NLP (Natural Language Processing)?

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Every time you surf the internet you encounter a Natural Language Processing, or NLP, application. But what exactly is NLP and how does it work?

In this lightboard video, Master Inventor with IBM, Martin Keen, visually explains what NLP is and why we need it, as well as how NLP takes unstructured human speech and converts it to structured data that a computer can understand.

0:00 – Intro
0:38 – Unstructured data
1:12 – Structured data
2:03 – Natural Language Understanding (NLU) & Natural Language Generation (NLG)
2:36 – Machine Translation use case
3:40 – Virtual Assistance / Chat Bots use case
4:14 – Sentiment Analysis use case
4:44 – Spam Detection use case
5:44 – Tokenization
6:18 – Stemming & Lemmatization
7:42 – Part of Speech Tagging
8:22 – Named Entity Recognition (NER)
9:08 – Summary

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