Home Cybersecurity What Is SIEM ? | Security Information And Event Management Explained | How SIEM Works ? |Simplilearn

What Is SIEM ? | Security Information And Event Management Explained | How SIEM Works ? |Simplilearn

What Is SIEM ? | Security Information And Event Management Explained | How SIEM Works ? |Simplilearn

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Unlock the secrets of robust cybersecurity with our latest video on SIEM (Security Information and Event Management)! Dive into the world of threat detection, incident response, and real-time security intelligence. Whether you’re a cybersecurity enthusiast or an IT professional, this video is your gateway to understanding SIEM’s crucial role in safeguarding digital landscapes. Stay ahead of cyber threats, learn how SIEM solutions work, and empower yourself with the knowledge to fortify your organization’s defenses.

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➡️ About Post Graduate Program In Cyber Security
This Post Graduate Program in Cyber Security will help you learn comprehensive approaches to protecting your infrastructure and securing data, including risk analysis, mitigation, and compliance. You will get foundational to advanced skills through industry-leading cyber security certification courses that are part of the program.

✅ Key Features
– Simplilearn Post Graduate Certificate
– Masterclasses from MIT Faculty
– Featuring Modules from MIT SCC and EC-Council
– 8X higher interaction in live online classes conducted by industry experts
– Simplilearn’s JobAssist helps you get noticed by top hiring companies
– Industry case studies in cyber security
– Access to CEH Pro Version
– 25+ hands-on projects
– Capstone project in 3 domains
– MIT CSAIL Professional Programs Community

✅ Skills Covered

– Advanced Hacking Concepts
– Network Packet Analysis
– Ethical Hacking
– IDS Firewalls and Honeypots
– Security and Risk Management
– Network Security
– Software Development Security
– Cryptography OSI and TCPIP Models
– Identity and Access Management
– Security Assessment and Testing
– Trojans Backdoors and Countermeasures
– Mobile and Web Technologies

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