Which factors do I consider to make my choices for a router and/or switch to optimize performance for LAN?

I’m setting up a network that will need to handle large amount of audio and video traffic in a live performance scenario. Internet access and security are not factors. The network is physically protected and there is no need or desire for WiFi.

What I think I need to know is how to actually know and compare what capabilities of routers. If a router says it has Gigabit ports is that all I need to worry about? What factors determine if a router or switch can handle more bandwidth with low latency in a heavy-load scenario on the LAN?


Video streams are about 25Mpbs. I could have up to 20 video streams. There are a lot of audio and MIDI streams that are lower bandwidth, but require extremely low latency. I’m actually going to separate those onto their own network.

I know this is much less than Gigabit. But I don’t just want something that technically could work. I want the best possible headroom so that I never have bandwidth issues.

While some LAN setups may be interested in large file transfers at maximum speed, my scenario is more about congestion maybe?

For example, I’ll have one device that receives 20 video streams from 20 other devices on the network. The streams are relatively low bandwidth compared to a Gbit port, but they all need to stream in real time with the lowest possible latency.

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