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Assembly Language in 100 Seconds

Assembly Language in 100 Seconds

Assembly is the lowest level human-readable programming language. Today, it is used for precise control over the CPU and memory on the bare metal hardware of a computer. Learn the basics Assembly with NASM in 100 Seconds.

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🔗 Resources

NASM Assembler https://www.nasm.us/
x86 Assembly Guide https://www.cs.virginia.edu/~evans/cs216/guides/x86.html
How a CPU Works https://youtu.be/vqs_0W-MSB0
WASM in 100 Seconds https://youtu.be/cbB3QEwWMlA

📚 Chapters

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🔖 Topics Covered

– What is Assembly Language?
– What are registers on a CPU?
– Assembly language basics tutorial
– How to say hello world in assembly
– Who invented assembly language?
– Assembly vs Machine Code
– x86 vs ARM architecture



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