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How to Build Network Infrastructure

How to Build Network Infrastructure

Computer systems and emerging technology such as video analytics are transforming today’s security industry. A new breed of engineer is designing, installing and maintaining modern integrated systems, exploiting the advantages of structured cabling and communication systems. Computer network skills are essential to these engineers, designers and managers and this module will introduce you to the building blocks and the basic principles of a system network.

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There are many different ways that network topologies can be configured, from simple ‘daisy chain’ to ‘fully connected’. Each iteration has its advantages and disadvantages but it tends to be the case that the more complicated the topology, the more technology is required to manage the data on the network. The OSI 7 Layer Model is an industry standard for visualising how networks behave and where different devices and applications operate within that environment. Having an appreciation of these ‘layers’ will help you identify where some of the more common devices sit in the network hierarchy. Hubs, media converters, switches and routers all have their part to play in the architecture of a computer network but each has a specific purpose and feature set that directs, converts and manages data. The following module details the key components and principles of network architecture.



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