Home Systems Windows Learn Microsoft Active Directory (ADDS) in 30mins

Learn Microsoft Active Directory (ADDS) in 30mins

Learn Microsoft Active Directory (ADDS) in 30mins

With a skillset that focuses purely on the cloud, it can leave some some companies vulnerable in terms of a lack of knowledge with on premises systems such a Windows Server 2019. In this episode I take a look inside Microsoft Active Directory Domain Services ADDS in order to bring you up to speed in exactly what it does and more importantly, how it works. We start at the basics and through demos, I’ll take you on a journey that will not only provide the knowledge to configure and manage Active directory, but also use this knowledge to improve your cloud skills.

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Time codes

00:00 Session Starts
02:08 Part 1 The Basics of Active Directory
11:06 Part 2 Understanding the logical aspects of Active directory
11:57 Server Manager & Selecting Roles
13:54 Using Active Directory Users & Computers
15:38 Creating OU.s, Users & Groups
24:09 Part 3 The Physical Side to Active Directory
24:29 The NTDS.dit Database
26:26 Understanding Inter-site & Intra-site replication in Active directory sites & services
33:11 Active Directory Domains & Trusts
35:11 Session review

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