Home Systems Linux Linux Command-Line Tips & Tricks: Over 15 Examples!

Linux Command-Line Tips & Tricks: Over 15 Examples!

Linux Command-Line Tips & Tricks: Over 15 Examples!

The number of command combinations you can come up with on the Linux command-line is seemingly endless, and there are some real gems out there that you might not know about. In this video, Jay goes over some of his favorite command combos, time-saving tricks, and other various tips he wish he learned sooner. In this video, you’ll find all kinds of things to add to your command-line toolbox!

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#*Time Codes*
00:00 – Intro
02:24 – Returning to the previous working directory
03:46 – A simple keyboard shortcut for clearing your screen
05:30 – The pushd and popd commands
07:29 – Sending apps to the background, then back to the foreground
10:21 – What to do when you forget to sudo
11:37 – Searching through command history
13:00 – Re-executing a specific item from your command history
14:47 – Viewing the date and time within the command history
18:35 – Matrix-style falling text
19:27 – Making your terminal full-screen
20:45 – Increasing/Decreasing text in your terminal window
21:45 – Emptying text from your command-line
22:19 – Jumping to the beginning or end of the current command
23:39 – Chaining commands together
27:00 – Following log files
28:13 – Emptying the content of text files
29:34 – Formatting command output with columns

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