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Making Money with Surveys (DON'T DO THIS)

Making Money with Surveys (DON'T DO THIS)

In this video, I spend my weekend completing online surveys and money-making promos. Which sites are legit? Which ones are worth your time? Are any of them worth your time? Well, in this video, I dive in and find out.

Let’s assume you are working 9-5 during the week and are looking to make a little extra money on the weekend without going out and getting another job or doing something in the gig-based economy. Can you make a decent hourly wage by doing online surveys and downloading apps or is it all a scam and a huge waste of time?

It all depends on how you value your time and what works for you. I found some methods (like iOS games) to be fun and a decent way to make money, so long as you can avoid in-app purchases. Other methods like surveys were less than ideal for a few reasons.


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